How to make a billionaire startup is a great question for today youth.

In a today fast forward world when evolution came across the country everyone move toward startups. This is all about because people can understand that their one foolish idea makes them billionaire and many realistic examples that show the power of a simple idea.

Sometimes it is also possible that your idea may not be new but you steal them like an artist same as FLIPCART.

Amazon is the first and greatest company for online shopping and they earn a lot of money but remember that FLIPCART is also a shopping website that steals the idea of amazon and they also earn a lot of money so it is not important that you succeeded if your idea may be new it also possible that you got huge success through another idea.

This is the reason that people going toward startups.

In my last article, I have also discussed that how to start a startup and what to do at the initial level.

But in today article I have discussed that some powerful strategies that help a lot for your team to make a billionaire startup.

Knowing your value proposition is the greatest way to establish your startup in the market and to calculate that your startup is how much earn and how much longer they run.

According to statics, 50% of startups close after 5 years of their start.

This is all because people start short terms startups.

So never start your startups in short terms make a big vision.

Customer is your king verify that and start work to improve your skill toward customers similar to the beginnings of your startup, you should plan in detail how you want the growth phase to go. Certainly,

The goals of each company are different, as are the people who are expected to achieve them. Leaders know success as an entrepreneur requires passion and risk. Be aware that you have to act differently in various situations to achieve your goals — no matter how many obstacles you encounter along the way. New laws or market changes, especially in real estate, are part of the business. In such situations, explore new ways to solve problems, make consistent decisions and set clear priorities for yourself and your team. Especially as an entrepreneur in the tech industry the “thinking big” approach shouldn’t be underestimated. You have to think big to take the necessary steps that will move your company, and also the industry, forward.

Clear your vision on your startups.

If you want to start a startup then think about long terms startups.

Take a vision on your mind about your startup think big and have a long term vision.

If you don’t know where are you going then you never able to achieve your goal. The goal is most important in your life journey.

Without any vision or goal, you are pathless and a person who has no path never achieve success in their life.

It is important that you think big and most importantly that you have the courage to do so. This helps to clearly define your vision and set your business goals


In my last article, I have also discussed how to start a startup in which I describe timing briefly so also read this.

70% of your startups depends on your timing.

In which time you have started is very important.

Verify that when your startup proceeds are that time is good and actually people need at the time these things that your startup.


Clarify your location and build a website used by your teammates.

Building your own website helps a lot of you to create your own brand.

If you want to start a startup then live outside of your homes and work a lot with your friends. Find the best location that gives you a positive vibe and also many startups succeeded from them.

Also, find a location that is in the city.

The best location is like the mind in your body.

Create the best website that shows your location to another person this is very good for your branding.

You should strategize for this in your business plan.

This is all about the strategies you should use before starting your startup.

Originally published at https://www.psychologysarva.com on May 29, 2021.



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